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Coming from the Airport

Athens International Airport is located 33 km southeast of Athens. It is easily accessible via Attiki Odos, the Athens ring road. The drive from downtown Athens takes 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Various means of public transportation are available:

Metro | Bus | Suburban Railway

You may also get a taxi or book a pick-up service. Read more

Coming from the Port

Piraeus is the main port in Athens, accommodating around 20 million passengers every year. Located around 10 km from the city centre and 45 km from the airport, Piraeus is the gateway to the Greek islands.

Various means of transportation connect Piraeus with the centre of Athens:

Metro (overground train) | Bus | Taxi. Read more

Getting around Athens – Public Transportation ​

The Athens public transport system is affordable, reliable and covers most of the city and suburbs. You can use all means of public transport using the same ticket (a single ticket costs €1.20 and is valid for 90 minutes). Read more

Source: ‘This is Athens’, the official guide to Athens, Greece. A partnership between the City of Athens, Aegean Airlines, Athens International Airport and SETE (Greek Tourism Federation).


Visit Greece | Hello Athens

Welcome to Athens, the historical capital of Europe; the birthplace of democracy, arts, science and philosophy of western civilisation. Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities. Its recorded history spanning around 3.400 years and it is being inhabited since the 11th millennium B.C. Today, under the shadow of Parthenon, the contemporary urban scenery reflects Athens’ exciting history, its multi- cultural modern personality as well as the infrastructure and facilities.

Explore the official website of the Greek National Tourism Organisation for more information on Athens and moreVisit Greece

The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum was founded to exhibit all the significant finds from the Sacred Rock and its foothills. It was inaugurated in 2009. The Museum hosts its collections across three levels, as well as in the archaeological excavation that lies at its foundations. Read more

Visit the Museum’s official website for detailed information.

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum is one of the most remarkable archaeological museums in the world and the largest museum in Greece. Its numerous and outstanding exhibits give you the opportunity to travel back in history. Without a doubt its treasures will mesmerize you and it is really worth to visit it more than once. Read more…

Visit the official NAM’s website here.

Byzantine and Christian Museum

The Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens is a fascinating national museum. Established in the early 20th century (1914) to collect, study, preserve and exhibit the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine cultural heritage in the Hellenic territory. The museum exhibits comprise artefacts such as icons, sculptures, ceramics, ecclesiastical textiles, paintings, jewelries, and architectural elements (wall paintings and mosaics). Read more…

Visit the official website here

National Gallery Alexandros Soutsos Museum

The best way to get acquainted with Greek Art and see how it evolved from the post-Byzantine times to the present day, is to pay a visit to the National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum in downtown Athens.

The newly refurbished modern Art Museum displays works of art by Greek and foreign artists. The collection highlights many aspects of Greek art and culture, and aims at attracting locals and foreign visitors alike. Read more…

Visit the National Gallery’s official website.


Acropolis of Athens

The greatest and finest sanctuary of ancient Athens, dedicated primarily to its patron, the goddess Athena, dominates the centre of the modern city from the rocky crag known as the Acropolis.

The Acropolis of the fifth century BC is the most accurate reflection of the splendour, power and wealth of Athens at its greatest peak, the golden age of Perikles. Read More…

Cape Sounio

The temple of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea, dominates the southernmost tip of Attica, where the horizon meets the Aegean Sea. Perched on the craggy rocks of Cape Sounio, the temple is enveloped in myth and historic facts dated from antiquity until the present times. From the temple you will enjoy an impressive view of the sea and of the Saronic Gulf Islands.

Sounio is located on the southernmost tip of Attica, the end point of the Athenian Riviera, at a 69km distance from the city centre. Read More…

The Oracle of Delphi

A short trip of 2.5 hrs from Athens, at the foot of Mount Parnassos lies the Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi, which had the most famous oracle of ancient Greece. Delphi was regarded as the centre of the world.

The archaeological site of Delphi includes two sanctuaries, dedicated to Apollo and Athena, and other buildings, mostly intended for sports.

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