Barbouni Anastasia

Pediatrician, MSc, PhD, Professor of Public Health, University of West Attica, Athens, Greece

Anastasia Barbouni was born in Athens and studied Medicine at the University of Athens. She is a pediatrician, with a master’s degree in Public Health from the National School of Public Health and a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Athens. In 2016 she was elected Professor of Public and Administrative Hygiene at the National School of Public Health and in 2019 Professor of Public Health, Hygiene and Disease Prevention at the Department of Public and Community Health of the University of West Attica.

Her research interests cover the epidemiology of chronic diseases and the development of intervention programs and their prevention. At the same time, her academic activities extend to the presentation of papers at national and international conferences and seminars, publications of articles in scientific and special publications in the field of Public Health. She is the Director of the Basic Scientific Fields of the Department of Public and Community Health. She is also the Director of the Postgraduate Program “Health Promotion in the Elderly”, while she participates in postgraduate programs of the Medical Schools of NKUA, Aristotle University, and the University of Thessaly. She has been a member of the National Vaccination Committee and the National Nutrition Policy Committee. He has been a representative to the Council of Europe Public Health Committee (CDSP). Collaborates with international organizations to survey the smoking habit in Greece and formulate a tobacco control strategy. Specifically, she was scientifically responsible for the studies of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the monitoring of smoking in Greece (Global Tobacco Surveillance System). She is also Vice President of the Hellenic Society of Public Health, a founding member of the International Society for the Control of Smoking & Reducing the Harm of Smoking, a member of the Board of the Public Health Forum, and a member of the Board of Shipsan Association.

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