Iliopoulou Chrysoula

Psychotherapist, Clinical Sexologist, Scientific coordinator for the “All About Sex” online youth column

Chrysoula Iliopoulou, MSW, Med, completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology, at Panteion University, Athens, and graduated from the dual MSW/MEd in Sex Therapy program at Widener University, USA. She led the design and implementation of the first research project on the experiences of LGBTQ youth in Greek schools (the Greek National School Climate Survey). She has worked in Greece and the US and her research interests focus on the design and implementation of cultural humility trainings for educators and physicians. Clinically, she works with sexual difficulties as well as sexual orientation, gender identity, and alternative sexuality topics. She is a scientific collaborator at Orlando LGBTQ and a member of the Greek Society of Sexology and Inter-Gender Relationships, AASECT, and SSSS.

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