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AMHI: A Community of Adolescent Creatives who Care about Child and Youth Mental Health

AMHI: A Community of Adolescent Creatives who Care about Child and Youth Mental Health and Dare to Start the Conversation

The Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in the conversation around the mental health of children and adolescents becoming more needed and pressing than ever—yet it continues to be held far too infrequently. The Art and Mental Health Initiative is a youth-led initiative with a mission to rectify this issue, by using art to open the discussion of adolescent mental health to the children and teenagers it most affects.

Core members of AMHI have previously been invited to infrequent meetings on adolescent health and noticed that there were almost no adolescents present. We, the adolescents at the core of the topic, were guests at our own discussion. And not only were we few in number, but the discussions took place amongst dozens of professionals much more medically well-spoken than us, which created an uncomfortable environment to speak openly.

This is where AMHI comes in.

Although adults may specialize in adolescent and child mental health, adolescents will forever be the most knowledgeable on the status of their own mental health. So, it is imperative that we always include children and adolescents in the conversation––or better yet, start a conversation ourselves. And what better way to start an open discussion about mental health in children and adolescents than by empowering them to explore their feelings through art?

AMHI will be participating in the 22nd IAAH conference. We will be introducing our initiative through a curated art display that explores the relationship between art and adolescent mental health today. You can find us on all three days. We look forward to meeting you!